Our school events run over approximately half a day (unless otherwise specified), and are suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. Pupils attending will receive a booklet of factsheets on the subject.

Subject Description

Early Bangor (Suitable for Primary 5) £2.75 per pupil. Maximum number 40

This tour covers the early days of Bangor as a prominent monastic site.  Using the large model of the monastery, children will learn about monastic life in Ireland and some of the artifacts unique to North Down Museum.

Vikings (Suitable for Primary 6) £2.75 per pupil.
Maximum number 50

Bangor has a very important connection with the Vikings as it is one of a few sites in Northern Ireland to have a Viking finds in a grave. A costumed guide will take your group around the key areas of the museum, including our replica Viking Longhouse, to outline Bangor’s importance to the Vikings and explain the Viking way of life.

Please note schools can opt to come in costume if they wish.

World War 2 (Suitable for Primary 4) £1.50 per pupil.
Maximum number 50

This session is available in the Museum or in your school.  Using original and replica objects, this session covers life during WW2, including evacuation, air raid shelters, the Home Guard and rationing.

Victorian Tour (Suitable for Primary 7) £1.50 per pupil. Maximum number 40

This tour is only available for a limited period - dates available on request.   Costumed staff take pupils through life in the Victorian era, and give some of the history of the Town Hall building and the Ward Family. Weather permitting, pupils can play croquet, visit the Family Grave and the Victorian Walled Garden.

Enviro Day (Suitable for Primary 7) £1 per pupil.
Maximum number 30

Full day in June.  Pupils participate in 6 workshops during the day, which are to inform about the environmental world on their doorstep. These include a Recycling Quiz, the natural world in Castle Park, the workings of a bee hive, making something from waste and wildlife.